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NOMAS ist Ihr verlässlicher Partner im Bereich des Unternehmenserwerb.

Durch unsere einzigartigen NOMAS-Tools und über 20 Jahre Erfahrung, mit zahlreichen erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Projekten, können wir Ihnen Ihren Erfolg ermöglichen.

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NOMAS not only supports you in M&A projects, but also offers you individual and specific consulting services.

Service Overview
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Together with you, we develop your individual, integrative corporate planning based on the NOMAS analysis tools

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Based on your individual entrepreneurial environment, NOMAS develops your company value




NOMAS advises you on how to prepare best for a company sale.


"Quality is not a coincidence, it is always the result of careful thinking"

John Ruskin

Corporate Planning
  • Precise corporate and financial planning is not only part of an M&A transaction, but also the basis for important management decisions and thus essential for the successful development of your company.


  • Together with you, NOMAS develops an integrated corporate planning based on your individual starting situation and a planning tool developed in-house. With integrated corporate planning, the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow build on each other and all processes and business transactions of corporate planning are represented in a closed system. This enables you to plan your future income and expenses.


  • At NOMAS, corporate planning includes not only profit planning, but also investment, financial and balance sheet planning. Furthermore, various scenarios are developed for the future.

Company Valuation
  • The question of the value of an asset arises in entrepreneurial and corporate practice for numerous different reasons. Whether it is a transaction, a restructuring or a change of shareholder, a company valuation is an important decision-making tool.


  • As part of an M&A transaction or as a separate service, NOMAS uses its own evaluation tool to determine the value of your company.


  • NOMAS has the competence to use different assessment procedures. Examples are:

    • Capitalized earnings method

    • Discounted cash flow (DCF) method

    • Market value method


  • In addition to the pure financial data, information about management, employees, customers, etc. is also taken into account.


  • We support you with all questions about the value of a company from the point of view of the consultant or as a neutral expert.

Sell-Side Preparation

A company acquisition typically goes through the preparation, approach, due diligence as well as the negotiation and final phase. The basis of these four transaction phases, however, is always an optimal alignment and preparation of the company with its shareholders.

The preparation for the transaction phases is divided into three steps:


In the first step, NOMAS will discuss the company's goals with you. We discuss the amount of shares to be sold, the purchase price and how the purchase price should be paid. Furthermore, the period of the transaction is determined and the involvement of the shareholders / management after the transaction is discussed. Finally, potential preferred buyers and other important aspects are determined.


Based on the company's goals and the analysis of your company, we develop recommendations for action in the various areas. This can be, for example, a change in the shareholder or balance sheet structure or the optimization of cash flow planning. We also give recommendations on potential buyer groups and sales processes, price-optimized restructuring or the transaction period and time that are suitable from our point of view.

Our fundamental goal is to create transparency for the shareholders in all recommendations for action and to position the company as best as possible for the transaction.


In the second step, we will analyze your company. The shareholder structure as well as corporate relationships are analyzed. Furthermore, possible tag & drag along agreements are checked. We also analyze your personnel situation and your positioning in competition with other companies.

In addition, NOMAS considers finance and planning for the next few years, opportunities and risks, possible dependencies on customers or suppliers, and other company-specific aspects.


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